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1.    A candidate must be of sound mind and must have completed 15 years of age as on the date of admission.
2.    A candidate after admission shall be treated as registered student of the ABS Global Institute of Management & Technology and will be governed by the rules and regulations made by the Institute.
3.    The Institute shall not be responsible for the loss of or the delay in the delivery of postal articles sent by them.
4.    The two common characteristics of our students have been a demonstrated intellectual potential and a capacity to thrive in a rigorous academic environment.


1.    The information brochure (together with application form for admission) is available at all Authorized Study  Centers. For all programmes the candidate shall apply in the prescribed form attached with this brochure.
2.    Students are provided free counseling to enable them to make an informed decision about the course they should register for. These sessions are conducted by trained senior counselors at every ABS center.

 Punctuality and Discipline:

1.    Observance of punctuality is compulsory.
2.    Disciplinary action would be initiated against the students found to have the habit of late attendance/irregular attendance without any valid reason/ information/application.
3.    Use of mobile phone is strictly prohibited in the class room/lab.
4.    Use of paan masala, chewing gum, betel is strictly prohibited in the class room/lab.
5.    Maintenance of discipline is expected from each student.
6.    Possession of Identity Card is compulsory.
7.    Candidates will have to come regularly in time & finish the assignment in given time.
8.     All the equipments & computers of the institute have to be handled carefully and as per given instruction. If there is any loss, the concerned candidate will have to pay the penalty for the damages. Institute owner can also charge maintenance fund from students in this regards.
9.    If, due to some unavoidable circumstances (e.g. Electricity failure, Faults or some Technical problems regarding computers), the class is not conducted, alternative arrangements will be made as and when possible. The respective candidate will have to attend the class at that time.

 Exam Policy:

1.    Appearance in periodical tests is compulsory for each student. Student will only be eligible to appear in the final Exam if he/she obtains 50% aggregate marks in the periodical tests.
2.    Student will have to appear in final exam on the date fixed by Institute. If any student is unable to appear in aforesaid exam, prior application/approval is necessary. If any student does not appear in final exam without any prior application/approval, examination fee amounting to Rs.250/- will have to deposited by him/her. In case any student is unable to clear the exam in first attempt, Rs. 250/- will have be charged as re-examination fees. Only two attempts are allowed to clear the final examination.
3.    Appearance in the periodical exams is compulsory for each student.50% aggregate marks is passing marks for periodical test
4.    Project submission is necessary for getting the certificate.

5. For confirmation of their result marksheet will be awarded but for certificate he has to submit dues of Rs. 250/-.

 Fees Policy:

1.    Fees has to be deposited before 5th of each month. After 7th of the month, student will be charges Rs.10/- per day as fine.15th of the month is the last day for fee submission with fine. After 15th student will not be allowed to attend the classes/lab.
2.    Fees once deposited is not refundable under any circumstances.
3.    Caution money is for library and will be refunded.
 Batch Transfer/Leave:

         For batch transfer/leave (above seven days) Contact head of the institution or Office.

 Rules Regarding Batch Transfer:

1.    At list 7 days time is required for batch transfer.
2.    Application should be submitted in the office.
3.    Batch transfer is allowed twice only.
4.    Batch transfer is only be allowed on availability of vacant place.
5.    For old students new batch will not be provided.
6.    Rs. 500/- will have to be deposited for 2nd and 3rd batch transfer.
7.    For batch transfer contact head of the institution after submission of application in the office.

Rules Regarding Leave:

1.    For absence of less than 7 days inform the class teacher/office.
2.    Leave of more than 7 days will have to be applied in the application form, otherwise institute will not be responsible for the loss.
3.    Leave of maximum period of 15 days is allowed.
4.    Admission is liable to be cancelled for the absence of more than 15 days.
5.    For any official work, please come on Saturday.
6.    Long absence from institute without information/application is undesirable, and Rs. 500/- will be charged as fine on rejoining else than current course fees. 

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